While vodka is infusing, in the medium saucepan, stir together 1. Bring to boil over high heat, stirring occasionally. Remove saucepan from heat and cool syrup to room temperature. Store syrup inside a bottle inside refrigerator until prepared to use. Combine strained fruit-infused vodka and syrup in a very sterilized 2-quart glass bottle or jar. Enjoy strawberry vodka cold, served up straight within a shot glass, or used in cocktails. Strawberry Vodka Highball cocktail: Pour 2 ounces strawberry liqueur over ice inside a tall glass, top with club soda, and garnish having a sprig of mint. For more specifics of food preservation methods and recipes, view the book The Home Preserving Bible by Carole Cancler, provided by booksellers everywhere. It’s June and strawberries are from the farm markets.

If you wish to eat local but want strawberries month in month out now will be the time to preserve Michigan strawberries so you are able to have delightful strawberry treats from the middle of winter. It’s not hard to preserve strawberries plus they are an excellent selection for a beginner in food preservation. Whether you select the berries yourself or purchase them at the market try to find fully red berries right down towards the tip. Avoid berries with soft, mushy gray spots, they’re over ripe. Often mid-sized and small berries have a very better flavor compared to super huge berries. Do not wash your berries until right before you rely on them and store them from the refrigerator unless you are prepared to wash and clean them. You can employ a finger nail to pop over green strawberry cap and the small end of any potato peeler or small paring knife.

Wash berries well in cold water, pick through and discard overly green or mushy berries. Small spots is usually cut outside of otherwise nice strawberries. Strawberries usually are preserved by freezing or because they are turned into strawberry jam. You can freeze strawberries now and turn them into jam later. Strawberries really should not be canned unless converted into jam to make only fair candidates for drying. Whole or halved berries may be placed using a cookie sheet so they don’t touch, frozen until firm then placed in freezer bags or containers. These are going to be easy to separate and take away a few at the same time for use. When unfrozen they is going to be softer than fresh berries but nonetheless make a fantastic presentation. To sugar pack strawberries slice cleaned berries and measure what number of cups you’ve got.

Toss the sugar and berries gently that has a large spoon until most with the sugar has dissolved. Let berries and sugar stand for a quarter-hour then pack into freezer bags or containers. The sugar draws fluid out on the berries and creates a nice juice. Note: You may freeze the strawberry jam constructed from the recipe below. A candy or jelly thermometer, seen in most stores, is mandatory for jam making. Don’t double jam recipes, the flavor is much better if jam is done in small batches because doing so doesn’t need in order to smoke as long. Place the jars in to a large kettle of boiling water, making sure they’re filled and covered with water and boil for ten minutes. Turn away from the water but leave jars covered while using hot water until able to use. You may use a dishwasher to sterilize jars when it has a sterilize cycle.

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